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The Importance of Backing Up Financial Claims in Advertising

When it comes to advertising claims, it's crucial for companies to provide evidence to back up what they promise consumers. Whether it's a program offering financial success or a game with real money prizes, claims of potential earnings must be substantiated. Even the hints in advertisements, like showcasing luxury items, can imply financial benefits that need proof.

In the realm of video games, where some promise extravagant winnings, it's essential to verify these claims, especially in the growing market of games offering real money rewards. Video game companies that want to offer real money prizes can do so lawfully with careful consideration to how they build their prize system. They shouldn't then risk that careful work by running advertisements that have no factual support for the claims that are being made.

So, always remember, if a claim suggests monetary gains, it needs to be backed up to ensure transparency and honesty in advertising practices.

Lurn made outlandish claims about the kinds of money consumers could make through their programs, including that they could become a “Stay-At-Home Millionaire” with one program. For another program, the company claimed consumers could “Fail 98% of the Time & Still Be Able to Make $11,453 Per Month.” According to the complaint, the company had no information to back up these claims and very few, if any consumers actually made money with these programs.


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